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Congratulations to our dear friend, Emerson Eads, on the release of “Mass for the Oppressed”! This recording also features Juneau’s own David..

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We had some technical difficulties with our website recently, but we’re back up and running! Here is (again) our first blog post about our opera..

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Officer Krupke harassing the kids! Last weekend for West Side Story – Friday and Saturday only. photo by Cam Byrnes

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PLEASE SUPPORT THE ORPHEUS PROJECT WITH A FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTION. We cast locally whenever possible, and when bringing in singers from outside, we facilitate their availability for lessons and open master classes for the local singing community, helping to foster the professionalism of our talented amateurs. All of these community-centered endeavors are serving our primary aim, which is to bring the freshest perspective to a traditional, yet vibrant and constantly evolving art form. We strive to stay true to the piece, achieve a high standard of professionalism, and to bring an innovative, relevant approach to each production. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT